Meet our 2010 Keystone Passport!

We are so excited and beyond grateful for this new adventure!

This has been months in the making and it has been so hard keeping it a secret… I hate keeping secrets lol. At the beginning of the year, when we realized that buying a house was not an option at this point in our lives, we brainstormed to come up with a plan B. We were so tired of spending such a large amount of our income on rent and throwing money towards something that was never going to be ours. We wanted to pay off as much debt as quickly as we could and move forward with living life to the fullest. Some people would call this extreme. But we have always been ones to do things a little differently and we’ve finally decided to stop trying to cram ourselves into a box of what is considered “normal” and to embrace this freedom to just be ourselves.

This season of life has already taught us so much about letting go of perfection, making decisions even if we can’t see the end result, following the arrows and trusting that God is a good Father who wants good things for us. This process has been so good for us already. We’ve already seen so much growth in ourselves individually and together as a couple. Join along as we downsize, renovate and make this place our home.

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